Matt Mulvaney

Matt is an experienced APEX solution designer having designed numerous complex systems using a broad range of Oracle Technologies. Building on his previous experience of Oracle Forms & PL/SQL, he is entirely focused on providing functionally rich APEX solutions. Matt promotes APEX as a software platform and openly shares best practises, techniques & approaches. Matt has a passion for excellence and enjoys producing high quality software solutions which provide a real business benefit.


Latest Posts

APEX 5.0 Packaged Application Plugins

The 35 packaged applications contained within APEX 5.0.1 are not only full production ready applications, but also hold a wealth of features which you can introduce in to your..

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Adding a Mobile Ellipsis button

Following a day of hard work building APEX applications, I jumped on the train home and started catching up with the latest news & sport.

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Why upgrade to APEX 5

Whilst performing my research I read in the Migration Guide about the many reasons why you should update to the Universal Theme but not many on why to update to APEX 5.

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Breaking out of beginner charting

So you may have created several charts within APEX already, and there are plenty of templates available for these such as Line, Bar, Stacked, etc.

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Accessing values from the left hand side of an APEX Shuttle

In APEX, the value of the shuttle item is a colon delimited string representing the contents of the right hand side.

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Considerations Upgrading Applications to APEX 5.0

In April 2015, Joel Kallman, the Director of Software Development for Oracle APEX, successfully upgraded the web site to APEX 5 without making any changes.

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The updated APEX 5.0 Rich Text Editor Part 2

Since the publication of our blog “The updated APEX 5.0 Rich Text Editor” which featured the Rich Text Editor in EA3 we have subsequently seen the launch of APEX 5.0..

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JavaScript Debugging in APEX 5 (at last)

In APEX 4.2, I would debug JavaScript code using the alert() function. I would use this to show information about variables and the steps taken through code.

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Component Level Authorization in APEX 5.0

In APEX 4.2, whenever I need to apply an Authorization Scheme to components of a page I tend to create tables for roles, privileges, a role_privilege linker table and usually a..

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List of new database objects in APEX 5

Along with launch of the fantastic APEX 5.0 Early Adopter 3 came a tweet from Joel Kallman describing the location of the APEX 5.0 BETA Documentation.

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