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APEX 20.2 New Reporting Features

A pre-production version of APEX 20.2 has been released to apex.oracle.com, so I decided to try it out starting with taking a look at the new report printing features.

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PL/PDF or AOP which should I use?

APEX is a low code platform, which allows us to develop web applications using pre-built declarative features on top of the Oracle database. The tool covers almost every need but..

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PL/PDF – PDF Images

Continuing the blog series about PL/PDF, this blog is all about adding images to a PDF report. To read about how to create a data report based on a SQL statement see this blog. In..

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Time is running out: Do you have a plan for your Oracle Reports?

In a previous blog, I mentioned how Oracle Reports is now deprecated as of Fusion Middleware 12c Release 2 ( This means no more new releases of Oracle Reports will be..

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PL/PDF – Code Reuse

When it comes to generating PDF reports, there are some options available. However, in the real world it is not just about generating simple PDFs, it is about being powerful and..

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Choosing the Right Report and Features to Give Your Users When Presenting Data in an APEX Application

At a conference some time ago I was asked a question on enabled options on reports in an APEX application with regards what built-in functions should be enabled for the users.

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Oracle Data Visualization Update

Throughout 2016, I posted a series of blogs introducing Oracle’s recent additions to its Data Visualization portfolio – Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) and Data..

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Generating PDF and Word Documents from an APEX application

Generating PDF and Word documents from an APEX application is a request that we get all the time. There are many great third party tools to help you do this but in this blog post..

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A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1

This blog has been a long time in the making… Of course before writing a blog on any subject, you have to do your research. In my case, my research involved creating dozens (maybe..

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