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Connecting Worlds - APEX and WooCommerce REST Synchronisation

In today's fast-paced digital world, it's essential for businesses to integrate different platforms to achieve efficiency and productivity seamlessly. Two of the most powerful..

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Exporting Custom Interactive Reports via REST

On a recent project, I was tasked with developing a module within an APEX application to receive a JSON file via a REST API. This was so it could be manipulated on screen before..

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Introduction to Integrating APEX with Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications platform whose aim is to drive communications to and from your applications. In this blog, I have an introductory look at Twilio and explore how..

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Azure Form Recognizer

Azure Form Recognizer is a cognitive service that uses machine learning technology to identify and extract text, key/value pairs, selection marks, tables, and structure from..

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Integrating NetSuite with Oracle APEX

I recently worked on a project which involved generating a sales dashboard in APEX, for which the source data resided in NetSuite. There is a fair amount of documentation out..

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APEX Authentication Using Microsoft Azure Face API

Find out how we can help you build solutions using Oracle APEX with our award winning application development and consultancy services . One of my favourite features of my phone..

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Apiary and APEX

More and more projects I work on at the minute make use of RESTful Web Services. These can either be a way of exposing our own data or a way to make use of data from external..

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