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Faster APEX get the browser to work for you

Want to do some data-intensive heavy lifting? Where should we do it? In the Database of course. It is purpose-built to store and retrieve data in the most optimal way using..

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When to AJAX Callback vrs. When to Dynamic Action

I am going to assume you know what Dynamic actions are, if not read this. I am also going to assume you are aware of the basics of what an AJAX Callback is, without knowing the..

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A complete guide to #ORCLAPEX Dynamic Actions

Last year, Craig Sykes and I were discussing ideas for presentations at Tech16 and one idea made us quite excited to turn in to a paper for submission.

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APEX: Meet the rest of the web

In December last year I spoke at the UKOUG TECH 16 conference in Birmingham about integrating APEX with modern web technologies. The presentation was interesting for me to build..

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Combining Validations with Dynamic Actions

APEX has an extensive set of built in validations to capture every eventuality. They pop-up an informative notification message and can direct the user directly to the fault.

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Trigger Dynamic Action from JavaScript

The following example will demonstrate how a Dynamic Action can be utilised within a report column to confirm deletion of a record, before the deletion process occurs.

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Avoiding the Dynamic Action PL/SQL length limit

Dynamic Actions are a great way to execute PL/SQL code without having to wait for a page submit, but if you have ever used them with any reasonably complex PL/SQL code you may..

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