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Better Together: Oracle Database Compression for Oracle Database Partitioning

The best compression for OLTP workloads and Data Warehousing

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How Do I Access My Free Oracle Cloud Database

If you have created a free database in the new Always Free Oracle Cloud Tier, you can use the provided web version of SQL Developer to gain access to your schemas for development.

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Oracle ATP Free Tier: Machine Learning and APEX Integration

Finally, Oracle has released a supported free tier of their cloud database offering. I’ve been hoping that they would release some kind of Express Edition in the cloud for years..

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ADW and ATP ‘always free’ databases in the OCI. If you snooze, you may lose!

A few days ago at Oracle Open World Oracle announced the availability of an Always Free Autonomous Database and Cloud Infrastructure.

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Re-evaluate your software for 2015

It’s New Year: Is it time to re-evaluate your business software? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you re-evaluate your business software for the coming year.

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APEX Security Considerations – Part 1

Whenever you are developing a web based application, there are many security concerns that need to be considered. When developing using Oracle Apex, there are a number of in-built..

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