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Document Generator in APEX: An alternative to AOP?

Earlier this year, Oracle announced the introduction of the Document Generator pre-built function in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). They have also created a sample application..

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Leveraging AI to Automate Invoice Processing - Part 1

The previous attempts to automate processing - the last remaining manual step - based on early OCR and invoice exchange technologies have not quite delivered. However, new..

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OCI Document Understanding

Introduction Oracle recently announced their newDocument Understanding feature in OCI. In this blog, I will be looking into this feature and considering its practical application..

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Setting up OCI Bucket storage and accessing from APEX

I recently needed to set up and use OCI bucket storage for use with an APEX application. Although I found some helpful reference guides out there, they all appeared a little out..

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Sending emails from an APEX application in the cloud

Configuring and sending emails from an APEX application running in the cloud involves multiple steps and can sometimes be confusing. Therefore, I decided to write this blog to..

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Options for hosting APEX in Oracle Cloud

An important consideration in Oracle APEX deployment is the environment that will host it. This article briefly covers the main options available in OCI which can be used to..

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Oracle Launches New ‘Always Free’ APEX Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Find out how we can help you build solutions using Oracle APEX with our award winning application development and consultancy services . Following on from Oracle launching the new..

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