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Comparing Microsoft Power Apps and Oracle APEX – Part 2 Database Centric Applications

Find out how we can help you build solutions using Oracle APEX with our award winning application development and consultancy services . In the first part of our blog series about..

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Part One: Low Code - Microsoft and Oracle

Microsoft Power Apps and Oracle APEX The use of low code tools to create an application is increasing every day and we see new tools and frameworks being released to the market..

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ATP Features for APEX Developers

Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB), consisting of ATP (Autonomous Transaction Processing) and/or Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), refers to a cloud-based Oracle database service..

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Top WOW Features of APEX

Your dream development framework of the future is right here in the present and you can use it free.

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Oracle Supported EBS extensions with APEX – Simply explained

I recently reviewed the White Paper “Extending Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 using Oracle APEX – Revision 3.02”.

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The Benefits of APEX for Small Development Teams

I recently completed a piece of work which really shows the benefits of adopting APEX within a company with a small development team.

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In house vs outsource

So, you’ve decided to develop your own application. …but should you develop in-house, or outsource it? Maybe the answer could be ‘both’ You’ve been asked to commission a new..

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Your Business is Special: So why buy business software, designed for everyone else?

As a rule, the majority of businesses buy their business software ‘off-the-shelf’, but is the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach really the best strategy?

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