Oracle Launches New ‘Always Free’ APEX Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Paul Jones Apr 21, 2021 2:46:00 PM
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Following on from Oracle launching the new ‘APEX Service’ in OCI a few months ago as we talked about here, they have just launched an ‘Always Free’ version of the APEX service to go with it. It’s also worth noting that there is also now an ‘Always Free’ JSON Database Service available too:


Like the Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) ‘Always Free’ services, the databases will run on Shared Infrastructure and are limited to 1 OCPU and 20GB of storage, which is great for getting started or doing Proofs-of-Concept. Similar to ADW and ATP, the services can easily be upgraded to paid instances if required, with just a few clicks in the OCI dashboard.

Therefore, this is a great way to trial the APEX service before deciding to upgrade, or perhaps could be used as the development environment. As mentioned in the previous blog for the APEX Service, it’s important to note that SQL connections to the APEX Service are not possible and it’s the same in the ‘Always Free’ APEX Service too:



Autonomous JSON Database Service

Turning our attention to the ‘Always free’ Autonomous JSON Database Service, we’ll publish our deep-dive analysis into this service and what it offers soon (look out for it!), but if you want to read about it now you can check out Oracle’s ‘Getting Started’ guide here:

“Autonomous JSON Database is specialized for developing NoSQL-style applications that use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents using Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) APIs. You can also use Oracle Application Express (APEX) for low-code development of dashboards over your JSON data.”

One thing to note, if you spin up one of the Autonomous JSON Database Services you still have access to an APEX development service (it’s available on any Oracle Database!) and you are also able to download the Client Credentials (Wallet) to create a DB Connection. You also have access to the Oracle Machine Learning Development environment in the JSON Database service which you can read more about here.


This is another great offering from Oracle in OCI and is another great entry route into Application Development on Oracle Cloud. If you want to discuss using any Oracle Cloud Service in your organisation, get in touch with DSP-Explorer today.

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Author: Paul Jones

Job Title: Oracle APEX Development Consultant

Bio: Paul is a Development Consultant at DSP-Explorer. Paul has a BSc in Computing from the University of Leeds and is now building on considerable experience in development and support using Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Paul is employing APEX to provide quality, bespoke software solutions both internally and to a range of organisations.