Paul Jones

Paul is a Development Consultant at DSP-Explorer. Paul has a BSc in Computing from the University of Leeds and is now building on considerable experience in development and support using Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Paul is employing APEX to provide quality, bespoke software solutions both internally and to a range of organisations.


Latest Posts

Oracle Launches New ‘Always Free’ APEX Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Following on from Oracle launching the new ‘APEX Service’ in OCI a few months ago as we talked about here, they have just launched an ‘Always Free’ version of the APEX service to..

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Creating a dynamic Organisation Chart in APEX in under an hour from your Active Directory

In my previous blog, I talked about how we were moving from a local exchange server to use Office 365, which meant we were no longer going to be using Exchange Web Services to..

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Integrating APEX with Office 365 via Microsoft Graph REST API

It was almost 4 years ago that I wrote about Integrating APEX with Outlook via Exchange Web Services (EWS) for our internal applications at Explorer in order to add and remove..

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The Things an APEX Developer Should Be Aware of When Developing APEX Applications on an Oracle Autonomous Database

Back in June 2019, Oracle announced the availability of APEX on the Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB). Then in September 2019 at OpenWorld ‘Always Free’ services (of which the ADB..

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Developing Secure Web Applications with APEX and ApexSec

A very common question asked is ‘Is APEX Secure?’ and Joel Kallman from Oracle addressed this topic here, the post is a few years old now but it still applies today. There are two..

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ADW and ATP ‘always free’ databases in the OCI. If you snooze, you may lose!

A few days ago at Oracle Open World Oracle announced the availability of an Always Free Autonomous Database and Cloud Infrastructure.

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Choosing the Right Report and Features to Give Your Users When Presenting Data in an APEX Application

At a conference some time ago I was asked a question on enabled options on reports in an APEX application with regards what built-in functions should be enabled for the users.

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APEX Report Performance

Recently at the UKOUG TECH18 Conference I gave a presentation entitled ‘Choosing the Right Report & Features to Give your Users when Presenting Data in an APEX Application’ which..

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APEX Application for Managing Other APEX Application Properties in Your Workspace

As part of my presentation I gave at a couple of OUG events (see here for the blog post and video) one of things I discussed is how APEX has built in many things that can help..

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Application Support with APEX Applications: Looking After the Users when Development has Finished

Although at Explorer we spend most of our time creating brand-new bespoke APEX applications or completing Forms to APEX projects; sometimes we are asked to work on and/or support..

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