Choosing the Right Report and Features to Give Your Users When Presenting Data in an APEX Application

Paul Jones Mar 4, 2019 11:50:45 AM

At a conference some time ago I was asked a question on enabled options on reports in an APEX application with regards what built-in functions should be enabled for the users.

When I started thinking about the topic, I realised that the answer isn’t as simple as it seems so did some research on the topic. I wanted to also take the opportunity to summarise what the built-in reporting options are in APEX and how they can be configured.

I recently prepared and gave a presentation on this topic for UKOUG TECH18 and UKOUG Midlands Technology Summit 2019 and below is a recording of this.

In the presentation, I look in to the following topics:

  • How to go about creating a report in APEX
  • What different types of built in reports are available
  • How do you configure reports to customise the functionality and appearance
  • What are the most common problems seen with reports in APEX
  • What can we do about handling those issues and preventing them from occurring in the first place.



Author: Paul Jones

Job Title: Oracle APEX Development Consultant

Bio: Paul is a Development Consultant at DSP-Explorer. Paul has a BSc in Computing from the University of Leeds and is now building on considerable experience in development and support using Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Paul is employing APEX to provide quality, bespoke software solutions both internally and to a range of organisations.