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Oracle Forms: Where Are We Now?

Last year I wrote a blog about the new features in Forms and, the later was released in September 2019. I also wrote blogs regarding support for Oracle Forms and..

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Developing Secure Web Applications with APEX and ApexSec

A very common question asked is ‘Is APEX Secure?’ and Joel Kallman from Oracle addressed this topic here, the post is a few years old now but it still applies today. There are two..

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Maximising Sub Regions in Internet Explorer

There have been a few small issues running APEX 5 applications in Internet Explorer since the initial release last year, but most of these have been ironed out in subsequent..

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Securing Vulnerability Exploits with Apex – Part 3

For my final security blog I will be looking at SQL injection and cross site scripting, both of which should always be considered when developing a web based application. Apex has..

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Securing Vulnerability Exploits with Apex – Part 2

Following on from my last blog, which focused on configuring access control within Apex, the focus of this blog is protecting the session state within an application. We will look..

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