How much does it really cost to build a business-class application on an oracle database?

Neil Baxter Jan 12, 2015 8:45:31 AM

Answer: Surprisingly little with Oracle Application Express (APEX)

• Are you starting a new application development project?

• Have you told yourself and your management, that Oracle is too expensive to base it on?

• You’re not alone, but have you actually looked at all of your options?

It is often assumed that Oracle Database is a relatively expensive platform to base new developments on and therefore, only suitable for larger organisations and larger projects.

At Explorer we have looked after the Oracle needs of mid-tier companies for many years and we believe differently.

The facts are that Oracle Database is supplied in various different editions, to cater for the needs of the project at the time.

For instance, Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) is free-of-charge, albeit with physical restrictions.*

If that is too restrictive for your project, then there is Oracle Database Standard Edition One, which is restricted only to a server with a maximum of two sockets.

Following this, there is Oracle Database Standard Edition, which is restricted to a server with a maximum of four sockets.

All of which are designed to be affordable means of servicing the requirements of projects which do not require Oracle Enterprise Edition.

Still sceptical?

Then take a look at our flow diagram and you might be surprised by the results:

Developing on Oracle: How much does it really cost?

Building an Oracle Database



Author: Neil Baxter

Job Title: Oracle Account Manager

Bio: Neil has fulfilled a number of customer-facing roles in the technology industry, from Account Management to Solution Management. He has many years of experience in advising on bespoke solutions, having even been responsible for implementing and configuring timesheet, CRM, and project management software in his time. At DSP-Explorer, Neil is very focussed on presenting the commercial benefits of the solutions that our development team can provide, with particular emphasis on the Oracle Application Express (APEX) platform.