Accessing values from the left hand side of an APEX Shuttle

Matt Mulvaney May 20, 2015 3:05:44 PM

In APEX, the value of the shuttle item is a colon delimited string representing the contents of the right hand side.

Consider a shuttle: P1_SHUTTLE below created from the following SQL

APEX Shuttle

APEX Shuttle

When you ask for the value of :P1_SHUTTLE you get a colon delimited string of the Right Hand side (e.g. 7782:7566:7934:7844:7876:7698:7900:7839:7788:7521)

To obtain the left hand side, on submit, the following steps are required:

  1. Ensure the Shuttle uses a Named LOV; in the below example we are going to use a Shuttle called :P1_SHUTTLE and a Named LOV of “LOV_EMP”
  2. Create a “On Submit – After Computations and Validations” Process with the following code
  3. Change the LOV/Items names as appropriate

APEX Shuttle

The above code uses local variables to store the colon delimited strings although you may choose to perform a custom process with the shuttle results.

The SQL consists of:

The LOV rendered as a HTML Select List with the Return Item Extracted through XML functions and converted to a table
The Shuttle Right Hand Side rendered as a table

So basically, the left hand side is “what can be chosen minus what has been chosen”

The results of the above are then aggregated in to a single colon delimited string representing the shuttle left hand side (e.g. 7369:7499:7654:7902)



Author: Matt Mulvaney

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