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Oracle Database@Google Cloud – 6 reasons this is a big announcement

It was great to wake up this morning to see some fantastic financial results from Oracle Corporation, but the more interesting component, was the announcement around..

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Oracle Database 23ai - Reasons to Upgrade

23ai has just been released, and there are more reasons to upgrade than ever! In fact, if you were to upgrade and migrate into the 23ai Autonomous database, that would be the last..

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The Ultimate Guide to Oracle Database@Azure

The Microsoft and Oracle Partnership has steadily revolutionised the multicloud space since its inception in 2019. The inaugural Oracle Azure Interconnect simplified the..

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ExaScale – A Prime Example of Incremental Innovation

At Oracle CloudWorld, Exascale was announced as a new software architecture for Exadata. Since then, there have been details revealed through various platforms and product..

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Demo Grounds at Oracle CloudWorld

In our previous blog, we looked at the variety of sessions taking place at Oracle CloudWorld 2022 and provided our top 10 recommendations. This included our own session on machine..

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OCI at Oracle CloudWorld

I don't know when people will stop saying it's great to be back in the same room as people at events such as these, but it's great to be back in the same room as people at events..

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AI, Machine Learning, Cloud and the Legal Sector

I saw this blog post released last month, discussing how AI and Machine Learning technology is being viewed by the legal industry.

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PowerBI, Logic Apps and Azure SQL Database

Keeping business users, IT and Senior Management happy for your next BI project... PowerBI, Logic Apps and Azure SQL Database Yes it’s a big title, but this blog example..

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Portable Sentiment Analysis with Azure Cognitive Services - Part 2

In the previous blog we talked through a basic 'getting started' process on Azure Cognitive Services. Now we are going to take the service from Azure and run it somewhere else...

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