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5 Ways a Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can solve your Oracle licensing headaches

Oracle licensing is a complex subject, as anyone who has a large Oracle estate will attest to. Staying on top of the various rules and policies is a full-time job itself. Ensuring..

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3 ways IT contributes to climate change, and what to do about it

In the last quarter century, digital technology has affected how we live and work immeasurably. It has significant environmental benefits – such as the ability for remote work,..

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Can sustainable manufacturing be achieved through digital technology?

Manufacturers are continually required to look for ways to be more sustainable, not only to meet consumer expectations but due also to changing legislative and regulatory..

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DSP-Explorer confirmed as a G-Cloud 13 supplier

DSP-Explorer has been appointed an official supplier for the UK Government's Crown Commercial Service (CCS) G-Cloud 13 framework. This is the latest iteration of the G-Cloud..

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GCP pipeline without Cloud Composer

In this blog, I will discuss the process of creating a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) pipeline. We'll begin with ingesting data from our customer support ticketing system, Cherwell..

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DSP-Explorer's Simon Goodenough interviewed on Cloud security by Cybernews

DSP-Explorer CEO, Simon Goodenough was interviewed by Cybernews about his thoughts on Cloud security. Read the full article here.

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Microsoft Azure Pricing: How to make it work for you

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft. At DSP-Explorer we are leading UK Microsoft Gold Partnersoffering specialist guidance and support for your..

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Is the love affair with Hadoop coming to an end?

Helping IT, Information and Data professionals reduce cost and complexity whilst driving innovation across Public Cloud Platforms.

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How cloud is increasing profits by 22% for the Manufacturing sector

How cloud is increasing profits by 22% for the Manufacturing sector In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been at the forefront of delivering successful cloud adoption..

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