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5 Ways a Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can solve your Oracle licensing headaches

Oracle licensing is a complex subject, as anyone who has a large Oracle estate will attest to. Staying on top of the various rules and policies is a full-time job itself. Ensuring..

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Uber signs a 7-year cloud partnership with Oracle

Uber migrates to Oracle Cloud Uber Technologies Inc. has made a big move to migrate its information technology from its own data centres to Alphabet Inc. and Oracle's cloud..

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Network Security Groups within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Overview

This blog aims to introduce you to a key OCI security concept: Network Security Groups. We will explore what Network Security Groups are and the comparison to the default Oracle..

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Oracle CloudWorld Key Themes

Over the past week at Oracle CloudWorld 2022, there have been numerous sessions, keynotes, and announcements. Our team in Vegas have put together a digest of the most important..

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What is Oracle Alloy?

The most significant announcement from Oracle CloudWorld 2022 was the introduction of Oracle Alloy, a new offering that will enable Oracle partners to become cloud providers..

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Is there a PaaS Private Cloud@Customer coming soon?

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog comparing leaving the Datacentre to Brexit. Whilst being neutral (completely pH7), the point of the blog was that there were many reasons for..

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Demo Grounds at Oracle CloudWorld

In our previous blog, we looked at the variety of sessions taking place at Oracle CloudWorld 2022 and provided our top 10 recommendations. This included our own session on machine..

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OCI at Oracle CloudWorld

I don't know when people will stop saying it's great to be back in the same room as people at events such as these, but it's great to be back in the same room as people at events..

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AI at Oracle CloudWorld

I've hit a home run for my first big tech conference later this month – I'll be presenting alongside Phil Brown and Wes Prichard at Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas! I can't wait to..

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