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Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment

Oracle Licensing is Complex – Fact! Historically Oracle licensing has been a complex thing to understand. Taking into account the NUP or CPU metric, what is the core factor, is it..

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Reducing Oracle Licensing Costs by Migrating to Azure

Almost two years ago, Oracle published ‘Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment’. This document outlines which cloud technologies are Authorized Cloud..

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Oracle Licensing Audit - Why Me?

If you are reading this article, you are either expecting, or you have already received some form of communication from Oracle Global Licensing & Advisory Services (GLAS) formerly..

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What does your version of VMware mean for Oracle Licensing?

The Virtual Machine and Oracle The use of hypervisor technology helps businesses manage hardware investments much more flexibly and efficiently. The use of Virtual Machines (VMs)..

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Oracle Term License Rules Have Changed

Previously it was possible to license both Oracle technologies and applications for a multi-year term period. These were ideal for limited timeline projects, to match a specific..

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