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Data Analytics and the Confirmation Bias

“Wow!”, “Those graphs are cool.”, and “I didn’t know x was our most profitable customer.”, are examples of the responses that are typical when we deliver an Analytics solution to..

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Exploring Autonomous Data Warehouse: Part 1

Exploring ADW Part 1 - Uploading more than 1MB to object storage If you’re having a ‘play’, for want of a better word, in uploading data into object storage to use with something..

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Hybrid Cloud options: Azure vs AWS

Microsoft Azure has been gaining leaps and bounds on its competitor AWS over the past few years, and in one area in particular: in providing the option of Hybrid Cloud.

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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Simplicity

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is blazing quick: but here's where the main benefit really lies… It would be very easy for me to write a post about how quick Oracle Autonomous..

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Reasons to engage database consultants: Poor Performing Apps

You Are Not Alone Poor application performance is one of the most common signs that your current database configuration is not coping well. You’re in great hands with..

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Data centres coming to a town near you

Data centres coming to a town near you Now that data’s moving up into the cloud, I thought it’d be a good idea to take a minute to understand what the cloud actually is, where..

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Agile? I live it! - Taking agile and implementing it at home

Agile? I live it! - Taking agile and implementing it at home Modern family life can be busy, trying to manage the comings and goings of a young family is as stressful as a full..

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