What is Oracle Alloy?

Ashleigh Bates 20-Oct-2022 12:42:10

The most significant announcement from Oracle CloudWorld 2022 was the introduction of Oracle Alloy, a new offering that will enable Oracle partners to become cloud providers themselves and offer services built on OCI to their customers. Partners will have complete flexibility with Oracle Alloy to make it work for their customer's specific needs and fully control its operations. But what does this mean for the end-user? We've outlined what we think are the 4 key points below, but before you read on, you can find out more about our Oracle Alloy Services here.

1. Allows trusted partners to evolve their CSP offerings for customers

This is going to be extremely beneficial to customers because it means they can take full advantage of the cloud via a trusted partner (like DSP-Explorer!) without having to move to a public cloud model. Oracle Alloy can be independently run in a partner's own data centre, giving complete sovereignty over operations to the partner and customer. This means the customer has all the benefits of cloud, like scalability, flexibility and substantial cost savings, but with greater data control. It also means partners and customers can work more closely together, rather than having to operate with or via Oracle, enabling stronger long-term partnerships.

2. Builds on the flexibility of Cloud@Customer and removes the need to be reliant on Oracle Cloud regions

Oracle Alloy means cloud can be built wherever the customer wants, removing the reliance on Oracle Cloud regions and can prevent data from leaving a particular geographic domain - a key reason why some industries are not keen on the public cloud model. For customers who need to have cloud environments in a particular geography, like those in the public sector for example, this is hugely beneficial.

3. Allows for a more tailored experience and an easier platform to package public cloud with propriety IP from partners

Using a third party rather than Oracle means there is much more flexibility regarding the customer’s needs. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model, customers can now have a completely customised experience. This will be helpful when it comes to working with different industries that will have specific needs and require tailored cloud services, potentially with partner developed products to meet a particular commercial or operational need. Oracle Alloy allows partners to offer more customisation, innovation, and control, to ultimately capitalise on these business opportunities.

4. Demonstrates Oracle’s innovative approach to redefine public cloud

Oracle Alloy means that Oracle now very clearly distinguishes itself from its competitors. It demonstrates Oracle’s innovative approach to redefining public cloud service models, rather than simply being another public cloud provider. As a result, Oracle is redefining the public cloud and putting a lot of trust into the partner network, allowing partners to have greater control over the customer experience.

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