AI at Oracle CloudWorld

Max Storr 04-Oct-2022 15:06:29

I've hit a home run for my first big tech conference later this month – I'll be presenting alongside Phil Brown and Wes Prichard at Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas! I can't wait to present the amazing work we did in collaboration with Professor Douglas Hartley from the Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, combining machine learning with cochlear implants. If you want to catch me live, you can add this session to your schedule. If you're not planning to attend Oracle CloudWorld, you can learn more about our cochlear implants story on our on-demand webinar, but enough of that shameless self-plug, what about the rest of the conference...

AI at CloudWorld

We really are spoiled for choice when it comes to sessions on AI at CloudWorld this year. From the latest and greatest AI offerings from Oracle to introductory hands-on labs accessible to anyone, there should be something that caters to all.

Introductory Sessions

Personally, I always feel like the best way to learn about a technology is to get hands-on experience with a beginner's project. That's why I'm glad to see a beginner-level lab for those new to AI! If you have some programming experience (even better if it's in Python!), this should be accessible to you, and you'll be creating an image classification model in no time! If that sounds interesting to you, give this session a try:

Intermediate Sessions

For those of you with a bit more experience, well, I'd still recommend hands-on labs! Nothing's more fun than getting hands-on with technology!

If you fancy taking a look at training an object detection model to spot galaxies, nebulas, and distant planets using OCI's Vision service, then give this session a shot:

Alternatively, if you want to go through every stage of designing an ML solution from scratch (data prep --> data storage with Autonomous Data Warehouse --> feature engineering --> training --> deployment), then take a look at:

Final Notes

Although I'll certainly be attending the Galactic Explorations session mentioned above (it sounds awesome), here are a few personal choices of mine that you might also want to check out.

Oracle's Automated Data Science (ADS) SDK has become a marvel, automating commonly executed functions that Data Scientists and ML Engineers run during every experiment, making Data Science more accessible to all. Model interpretability has become a hot topic in the ML space. Most humans aren't happy with a black box solution and would like to understand more about the models they're deploying and their predictions. If you're one of these people, or you develop ML solutions, I'd encourage you to check out this on-demand session on Oracle's AutoMLx (automated ML Explainability) to understand how Oracle is tackling this problem.

Finally, if you're interested to see how Oracle AI is being used to solve business-critical problems and where OCI is taking their AI platform in the future, you would be amiss to miss this solution keynote:

Not long to go now. Look out for DSP-Explorer at Oracle CloudWorld! If you'd like to meet up with us in person, book a meeting using the button below.

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