Demo Grounds at Oracle CloudWorld

Phil Brown 12-Oct-2022 12:11:52

In our previous blog, we looked at the variety of sessions taking place at Oracle CloudWorld 2022 and provided our top 10 recommendations. This included our own session on machine learning and cochlear implant programming. However, as well as the session catalogue, there is also the demo catalogue. At previous Oracle conferences, there were Demo Grounds with product managers showing some of the latest capabilities of the various Oracle technology products. This was always really interesting as you could speak to the people directly involved in the development one-on-one. I hope the Demo Grounds will return in 2022, and the demo catalogue gives me some hope. So, I’ve pulled out a few things below from the catalogue to take a look at:

Oracle Sharding was released a few years ago; in fact, I think I was at the OOW in which it was announced. I would be interested to see how this has been combined with Autonomous with an enabled globally distributed footprint, I guess based on existing OCI regions. So while the use case is probably relatively narrow from a technology perspective, I’m just interested to see how it’s done.

The ‘Genius Bar’ is a great way to speak one-on-one with the OCI experts on a wide range of topics and use cases; definitely look out for this.

Industry Use Cases

The demo catalogue has many industry use cases, which can be more interesting than the raw tech itself as you see the art of the possible; I’ve pulled out a few industry-related demos.

Best Practice 

'Best Practice' is a phrase that can raise an eyebrow but fundamentally, I see it coming from a place of understanding and learning how to improve. There are three Best Practice demos which you should check out:

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