Top 10 sessions to attend at Oracle CloudWorld 2022

Ashleigh Bates 27-Sep-2022 12:07:46

Oracle CloudWorld 2022 in Las Vegas is quickly approaching. It is expected to attract more than 40,000 Oracle users, bringing together business leaders, IT experts, and Oracle customers from around the world.

Of course, all eyes will be on the keynotes to understand the Oracle roadmap for the upcoming months, but with over 1,000 other sessions over the four days to choose from,  it can be hard to make a decision about the best use of your time. 

But help is at hand! Our team has selected their top 10 session recommendations, with the session code included so you can easily add it to your schedule.

1. Using Machine Learning Models to Assist Programming of Cochlear Implants [LRN3594]

Well, of course, we had to promote our own session!  We're really proud to be sharing the work we did with the UK National Institute for Health Research around cochlear implants and treating severe hearing loss.

Session Overview:
The scope of the project was to determine if machine learning could be used to anticipate device settings for new cochlear implants and then build a machine learning model to provide those settings for patients. Discover how we used OCI Data Science for a productive open-source Python experience for data scientists, with the flexibility to fully control the creation of the model so customers can understand the results.

If you are not planning on attending Oracle CloudWorld, you can learn more about our cochlear implants story on our on-demand webinar.

2. Best Practices on AI for Business Transformation [BOF3592]

Session Overview:

In the past decade, advances in AI have made new efficiencies and use cases possible, impacting business transformation. But implementing AI effectively still isn't easy. Join this discussion on best practices, successful implementations, and advice. We talk through the challenges businesses face and discuss a path forward as you begin your own AI journey.

3. A Guide to Building a Solid Foundation for Your Database Estate on OCI [LRN3481]

Session Overview:
The Cloud Foundation Guide is a step-by-step approach through the essential best practices when adopting OCI for applications or a database estate. We introduce this guide, which covers the essentials of connectivity, network design, governance, security, and automation. This session is perfect if you are starting your OCI cloud journey or are interested in how OCI delivers essential infrastructure services.

4. Get Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management [HOL4075]

Session Overview:
This hands-on lab shows how to use the Oracle Cloud Database Management service to reduce the tools and burden on DevOps and DBA staff. How? By providing database lifecycle management abilities encompassing monitoring, performance management, tuning, and database administration. Understand how to manage existing databases onsite while also keeping databases maintained and secured when deployed in the cloud.

5. Modernize Oracle Database Estate with Autonomous and Exadata Cloud@Customer [LRN1470]

Session Overview:
Learn how to modernise your entire Oracle Database estate using multiple VM clusters. Find out how to identify and prioritise Oracle Autonomous Database upgrade candidates, operationalise a new self-service database platform, and move to a pay-per-use consumption model for all Oracle databases.

6. OCI Tutorial—You're in the Cloud, Now What? [TUT4116]

Session Overview:
Get an overview of all the pieces from the first five sessions in the series to show how they form a complete picture. Bringing together tenancy, security, compartments, OCI Cloud Adoption Framework, and best practices to take you through not just how to start building in the cloud but why we build and what to do once we're there.

7. Using AI to Deliver Visual Insights Using OCI AI Services [LRN3710]

Session Overview:
OCI AI services bring advanced cognitive AI capabilities within reach of many organisations. We review the new and upcoming OCI AI services and demonstrate how those services can be consumed from Oracle Analytics Cloud, enhance the business analytics experience, and lead to better insights and business results.

8. Learn How the Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team Wins Using OCI [LRN1814]

Session Overview:
OCI is instrumental for Oracle Red Bull Racing in determining race strategy, training their drivers, and developing their next-generation engine. This discussion with Ian Brunton of Oracle Red Bull Racing—just days before the United States Grand Prix—shows how.

9. Monitor and Troubleshoot Oracle E-Business Suite Performance [HOL4317]

Session Overview:
Applications like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) have complex stack dependencies comprising many applications, databases, and infrastructure components. This workshop shows how to perform application component and infrastructure discovery, harvest their relationship model and use dashboards that combine it into a single view to perform monitoring and root cause analysis using OCI Logging Analytics.

10. Multicloud Architectures Improve Economics, Streamline Business Operations [LRN3591]

Session Overview:
Multicloud architectures that use public, private and hybrid cloud services can maximise performance and ROI. Hear from companies that achieved 80-90 percent time savings with OCI's unique products for database and multicloud. Join us to explore OCIs offerings of specialised deployments, database services, extensive monitoring capabilities, and strategic partnerships to fit your organisation's needs.

We'll have more session recommendations in the lead-up to OCW in October, so look out for those, and look out for the DSP-Explorer team in Vegas too. If you'd like to meet up with us in person, book a meeting using the button below.

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