Oracle's Critical Patch Update October 2022: What do you need to do?

Ashleigh Bates 21-Oct-2022 14:37:49

Oracle releases a Critical Patch Update four times annually with a collection of patches for various security vulnerabilities. These are for code and third-party components which are part of Oracle products.

With all the announcements at Oracle CloudWorld this week, it will have been easy to miss Oracle’s latest Critical Patch Update. This quarter, the update features 370 new security patches across a range of Oracle products.

What should I do?

Below, we’ve listed the products affected and the number of identified vulnerabilities for each of them. If you use any of these products, it’s crucial that you take action to address the potential vulnerabilities in your estate. But don’t worry, we are here to help. Organisations regularly approach us at this time to utilise our Oracle Consultancy Services and to help carry out their patches. So, if this is an area of concern for you, please do contact us.

  • Oracle Airlines Data Model: 1
  • Oracle Analytics: 2
  • Oracle Banking Platform: 3
  • Oracle Commerce: 1
  • Oracle Communications: 32
  • Oracle Construction and Engineering Suite: 2
  • Oracle Contact Support: 1
  • Oracle Database: 7
  • Oracle E-Business Suite: 2
  • Oracle Enterprise: 2
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager: 3
  • Oracle Financial Services: 5
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware: 16
  • Oracle HealthCare Applications: 4
  • Oracle Hospitality: 3
  • Oracle Insurance Applications: 2
  • Oracle Java SE: 2
  • Oracle JD Edwards: 2
  • Oracle MySQL: 7
  • Oracle NoSQL Database: 1
  • Oracle PeopleSoft: 2
  • Oracle Retail Applications: 13
  • Oracle SD-WAN: 2
  • Oracle Secure Backup: 1
  • Oracle Siebel Applications: 1
  • Oracle Supply Chain Products: 5
  • Oracle Systems: 2
  • Oracle Utilities Applications: 1
  • Oracle Virtualization: 1

Some of these vulnerabilities are a particular cause for concern because they can be remotely exploitable without authentication (over a network without needing user credentials to access), so it’s important to prioritise these patches.

Seeing a long list of vulnerabilities can be worrying, but as long as you stay up to date with Critical Patch Updates, your hardware and applications will remain secure.

Please do get in touch with our experts if you would like any support or advice on patching or securing your estate, or book a meeting...

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