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Using APEX Workflows

APEX 23.2 introduced the new Workflow Designer, which works with the existing Task Definitions to create workflows and automate business processes. My colleague, James Sanna,..

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Oracle APEX 23.2 New Features

As my colleagues have discussed in previous blogs, there are several new and innovative features that Oracle APEX has integrated with the release of version 23.2. Today, I will..

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Oracle APEX 23.2 New Page Items

With release 23.2 of APEX, Oracle has added three new page items. Throughout this blog, I will explain the three new page items, detail some of their features and guide you..

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APEX Workflows

Since the introduction of Approvals in APEX 22.1, Oracle has been continually working towards a fully integrated APEX solution for business process automation. And now included as..

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Application Working Copies in APEX

The latest APEX release, 23.2, introduces new functionality for creating an application working copy. It allows developers to create their own copy of the application and make..

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