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We're on G Cloud 12

DSP-Explorer are selling through G Cloud 12 Everything you need to know about the Digital Marketplace. From Monday 28th September 2020, DSP-Explorer will be eligible to sell our..

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Project Harar Fundraising

DSP-Explorer's Fundraising Goal DSP-Explorer have embarked on a Corporate Fundraising Partnership with Project Harar.

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Modernised Oracle Partner Network Explained

Gone are the days of ‘Platinum’ and ‘Gold’ partners! Oracle have scrapped the metal tiering system and launched a 'Modernised' Oracle Partner Network with new ‘Tracks’ and..

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DSP-Explorer - Covid-19 Statement

Message from Simon Goodenough, CEO of DSP-Explorer These are of course hugely challenging times, with everyone across the globe trying to navigate the uncertainties thrown at us..

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