We're on G Cloud 12

Vic Milne 28-Sep-2020 09:58:06

DSP-Explorer are selling through G Cloud 12

Everything you need to know about the Digital Marketplace.

g-cloud 12

From Monday 28th September 2020, DSP-Explorer will be eligible to sell our cloud hosting and support services on the latest update of the Government framework G Cloud 12.

Our revised service offerings, which are listed under the 'Cloud Hosting' and 'Cloud Support' sections respectively, encompass our Oracle and Microsoft offerings as well as our varied Managed Services. 


What is G Cloud 12?

G Cloud 12 is the latest version of a government framework through which public sector companies can purchase cloud services. It aims to provide a faster and cheaper way for public sector organisations to buy services, rather than entering into individual procurement contracts.

The framework provides easy access to thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of services - in a nutshell, G Cloud makes it simpler, quicker, and cheaper for public sector organisations to buy their cloud services.


Who does it benefit?

For Public Sector organisations, G Cloud is a vital source of information through which they can find the right suppliers to fulfil their Cloud needs. Likewise, selling on G Cloud presents IT companies with a huge number of potential customers.  It’s a mutually beneficial cycle for both parties within the transaction.

Since the release of G Cloud 11 in 2019, the digital marketplace has also been reformatted in an effort to make the site more user-friendly. Services are now differentiated between cloud ‘Support’, ‘Hosting’, and ‘Software’, suppliers are easily contactable and provide comprehensive overviews of their details, and of course there is a huge pool of suppliers to choose from.


The most up-to-date services.

All service offerings on G Cloud are refreshed each year, meaning the service offerings remain up-to-date and competitively priced.

DSP's new-and-improved services available via the G Cloud 12 framework include our fully updated Managed Service offerings, and information on consultancy and support for Azure and Oracle Cloud.


The information included on G Cloud 12 also specifies our working hours, user support methods, and our relevant company qualifications, all of which can also be found on the DSP-Explorer website. For information about any of our services please contact us at enquiries@dsp.co.uk, or via the contact form below.