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The start of the end for Apex 4.2

In October 2017 (just 3 months’ time), Premier Support for Oracle Application Express 4.2 will end. This ultimately marks the end of the APEX 4 era and coincides with the fifth..

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Oracle Forms Tabular Data-Blocks in APEX

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The (continued) future of Oracle Forms…

Our previous blog about “The future of Oracle Forms” was published in August and the response and acknowledgement from the Oracle development community proved that we had struck a..

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Default Hidden Components

One thing I liked from Oracle Forms, which is not available in APEX, is the ability to set a Data Block Item’s Visible property to No. In Oracle Forms it meant that the page item..

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Calculating Mileage in an APEX 5.0 Application

As part of our recent redevelopment of our Oracle Forms expenses application into APEX 5.0, I looked into creating a mileage calculator using the Google Maps API. This blog..

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The future of Oracle Forms

Watch our recent webinar: https://explorer.co.uk/oracle-application-development/oracle-apex-for-forms/

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