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Oracle Cloud: Universal Credits. What you need to know…

In September 2017, Oracle announced a change to their Cloud pricing and transaction model for end users and partners alike. The change was born out of poor customer experience..

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License compliance is not easy

Certified Oracle Compliance Over the last decade or so, countless Oracle customers have experienced license issues by falling foul of Oracle’s ‘trust model’, complex licensing..

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ODA: What you need to know

Oracle Engineered Systems are a range of hardware appliances designed to address different business problems or objectives. The entry level member of this group is the Oracle..

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Need more oomph from Oracle?

Since joining Explorer in 2010 and working with customers with varying sizes of Oracle estates there are 2 key drivers that push customers to want to talk to me; reducing costs..

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How to reduce your Oracle Costs

Businesses up and down the country relying on Oracle technology to deliver and underpin key business applications all have one thing in common; they chose Oracle because it was..

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Oracle Cloud; what you need to know

The Oracle Cloud has been available for a few years now in various shapes and sizes but it’s reached a maturity that is attracting a large number of “traditional” on-premise..

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Be Careful With Oracle SE2 – Especially With RAC!

Updated 02/05/2019

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