Michael Pickering

Michael is a Development Consultant at DSP-Explorer. Having attained an MSc in Computer Based Information Systems, he began his career developing health-care reporting solutions, before moving to specialise in Oracle Forms and Reports in the construction industry. Here at DSP-Explorer he is part of a highly skilled development team providing APEX development solutions and training to both UK and international businesses.


Latest Posts

Methods on Tables and Beyond – Auto-generation of code for APEX Applications

When developing APEX applications, native DML is the obvious way to go as it handles DML operations without having to write custom code. However, in many real-world scenarios,..

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Integrating NetSuite with Oracle APEX

I recently worked on a project which involved generating a sales dashboard in APEX, for which the source data resided in NetSuite. There is a fair amount of documentation out..

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A review of Azure DevOps Boards, from an APEX development perspective

Find out how we can help you build solutions using Oracle APEX with our award winning application development and consultancy services . I was recently asked to review a number of..

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ATP Features for APEX Developers

Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB), consisting of ATP (Autonomous Transaction Processing) and/or Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), refers to a cloud-based Oracle database service..

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How to leverage Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph in APEX applications – no license required

https://blogs.oracle.com/database/machine-learning%2c-spatial-and-graph-no-license-required-v2 As of December 2019, Oracle has made Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph features..

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