Jon Lingard

Jon is a member of the Oracle sales team and works with customers from start-ups, SMEs to large corporations to gain maximum value from their investment in Oracle technology. Jon works with the technical and development teams to shape solutions based on customer demands and develops long lasting customer relationships based on his open and trustworthy approach.


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Exadata: An Updated Perspective For 2020

As 2020 kicks off in full swing with a celebration of 10 years of Exadata today, I thought it would be timely to provide an updated perspective on Exadata, it’s business value for..

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OCEAN: A Methodology for Oracle Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Deployments [Video]

There are a number of market trends impacting the rate and success of Cloud adoption for Oracle workloads, not least the co-existence of on-premise infrastructure with multiple..

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Oracle Cloud: Universal Credits. What you need to know…

In September 2017, Oracle announced a change to their Cloud pricing and transaction model for end users and partners alike. The change was born out of poor customer experience..

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Why invest in Exadata

Generic infrastructure gives you generic results.

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A quick introduction to Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is an Engineered System designed to simplify the installation, deployment and support of Oracle and non-Oracle Application and Database..

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ODA: What you need to know

Oracle Engineered Systems are a range of hardware appliances designed to address different business problems or objectives. The entry level member of this group is the Oracle..

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Need more oomph from Oracle?

Since joining Explorer in 2010 and working with customers with varying sizes of Oracle estates there are 2 key drivers that push customers to want to talk to me; reducing costs..

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How to reduce your Oracle Costs

Businesses up and down the country relying on Oracle technology to deliver and underpin key business applications all have one thing in common; they chose Oracle because it was..

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Oracle Cloud; what you need to know

The Oracle Cloud has been available for a few years now in various shapes and sizes but it’s reached a maturity that is attracting a large number of “traditional” on-premise..

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