Craig Sykes

Craig is a Senior Development Consultant at DSP-Explorer. Craig has an MSc in Computing Science and is an experienced software engineer, utilising development tools such as PL/SQL and APEX to provide bespoke ERP software to both UK and international businesses. Craig has experience developing solutions to connect Oracle systems to a wide range of existing external applications within business environments.


Latest Posts

Querying an Oracle Database Using Amazon Alexa

At the UKOUG Tech17 conference last year, I delivered a presentation called APEX and the Internet of Things. As part of this presentation, I wanted to demonstrate how to query the..

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APEX & Search

This year, we have been looking into the best way to deliver search capabilities in an APEX application. Customers are used to searching in Google and often want the same..

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APEX Development on a Raspberry Pi

Before you get excited, I’ll start off by saying that there’s no way you’re going to get an Oracle database running properly on a Raspberry Pi at the moment. However, the..

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Generating PDF and Word Documents from an APEX application

Generating PDF and Word documents from an APEX application is a request that we get all the time. There are many great third party tools to help you do this but in this blog post..

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Moving to the Cloud: A Developer’s Perspective

I have been recently working with a charity who had developed a production APEX application and hosted it on While this environment is brilliant for quickly..

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Oracle Code – London (2017)

Last week I attended the Oracle Code event in London; a free event hosted by Oracle showcasing the latest technologies, practices and trends in development. As a developer who..

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APEX: Meet the rest of the web

In December last year I spoke at the UKOUG TECH 16 conference in Birmingham about integrating APEX with modern web technologies. The presentation was interesting for me to build..

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Chunked Upload and Download in APEX

Uploading and downloading files is handled well out of the box in APEX. The file upload item type allows you to easily give users the facility to upload files. There is also the..

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Maximising Sub Regions in Internet Explorer

There have been a few small issues running APEX 5 applications in Internet Explorer since the initial release last year, but most of these have been ironed out in subsequent..

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Building an APEX 5 Search Screen

Search screens have always been a standard feature of APEX applications, and there are a number of different ways they can be implemented. Creating an interactive report gives the..

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