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Leveraging AI to Automate Invoice Processing - Part 1

The previous attempts to automate processing - the last remaining manual step - based on early OCR and invoice exchange technologies have not quite delivered. However, new..

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APEX behind a Custom Domain using Oracle Cloud and NGINX

Oracle provides both the most capable database and the most popular low-code platform. So why not pair them with the most popular web server? [1]

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Always Free – Session Limit Increase

Over the weekend of the 5th of November, Oracle pushed an update to all “Always Free” autonomous databases (ADBs) to increase the maximum simultaneous database sessions limit from..

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Flows for APEX #JoelKallmanDay

Flows for APEX…you've heard of it before, but what exactly is it? And, beyond that, where should it be used and why? In this blog, I will establish the premise behind Flows for..

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Oracle APEX: Ideas and Feature Requests

There have been a few places for APEX aficionados to express their ideas for future development over the years but the latest Oracle APEX announcement may have passed you by…

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