Neil Baxter

Neil has fulfilled a number of customer-facing roles in the technology industry, from Account Management to Solution Management. He has many years of experience in advising on bespoke solutions, having even been responsible for implementing and configuring timesheet, CRM, and project management software in his time. At DSP-Explorer, Neil is very focussed on presenting the commercial benefits of the solutions that our development team can provide, with particular emphasis on the Oracle Application Express (APEX) platform.


Latest Posts

Do you still have Oracle Database Standard Edition (DBSE) or Database Standard Edition One (DBSE1)?

Have you, or are you planning to update from pre-Oracle-Database-Release-1 (v12.1.0.2)? What are the steps that you need to take to migrate to Oracle Database Standard Edition 2..

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Oracle Licensing Audit - Why Me?

If you are reading this article, you are either expecting, or you have already received some form of communication from Oracle Global Licensing & Advisory Services (GLAS) formerly..

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What does your version of VMware mean for Oracle Licensing?

The Virtual Machine and Oracle The use of hypervisor technology helps businesses manage hardware investments much more flexibly and efficiently. The use of Virtual Machines (VMs)..

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Limited Edition?: A ‘Blog Standard Approach’ to remaining on Oracle Database Standard Edition 2

Introduction “You get what you pay for” and there is no truer principle in the world of Oracle technology. Oracle database is the finest available relational database on the..

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