Oracle Licensing Audit - Why Me?

Neil Baxter 01-Mar-2021 14:54:14

If you are reading this article, you are either expecting, or you have already received some form of communication from Oracle Global Licensing & Advisory Services (GLAS) formerly known as Oracle Licensing Services (LMS).

Why Have I Been Selected for an Oracle GLAS Licensing Audit?

The likelihood is that there is no specific reason for the triggering of this communication.

Oracle license their software on trust. There are no license keys or any other restrictions, limiting access to their technology. Therefore, it is possible for customers to inadvertently install software editions or switch on OEM Packs or Database Options, that they are not licensed to use.

Since Oracle runs a trust model for its software, the concept of reviews/audits is a fundamental part of Oracle’s business model. They constantly look for any customers that have never been reviewed or reviewed 3+ years ago. If you fall into this bracket and don’t have a firm grasp on exactly what Oracle software you have installed and whether it’s correctly licensed on the hardware it’s installed on, then best you speak to ourselves and find out, before Oracle contacts you!

There are some organisations that are selected for particular reasons though. For example, if a customer has let a large portion of Oracle licensing lapse under annual Oracle Support, this could be flagged for scrutiny, to ensure the client has made the right calculation. Another example would be if the customer is involved in a significant organisational change, such as an acquisition, a merger, or a divestment. Oracle will want to ensure that the right licensing is being applied to the new landscape.

Whatever the background to the review, if you would like advice on this, you can get in touch, or book a meeting.

If you'd like to discover exactly what to expect from an Oracle GLAS Audit, please contact us directly for a no-obligation call where we can take you through the process from start to finish.

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