Why you should consider moving from CentOS to Oracle Linux

Adam Hopkins 01-Apr-2021 17:47:55

If you're reading this blog you're probably already aware that CentOS Linux 7 has already passed its full support and maintenance support 1 end-of-life dates. CentOS Linux 8 is soon to follow with end of support being at the end of this year (2021).

Oracle Linux is being considered a very good option for CentOS users, but don't just take our word for it, here is what Marc Staimer, Senior Analyst from Wikibon had to say:

"Oracle Linux can be a real lifeline for CentOS users who feel abandoned. It's open source, free and compatible with their existing deployments."

Three reasons why CentOS users should consider Oracle Linux

1. It's 100% free, there aren't any license fees

2. It's 100% application binary compatible with over fourteen years of zero compatibility bugs logged!

3. It 100% works! It works with Oracle and non-Oracle applications, any database and any cloud platform.

Plus there is virtually no delay between a Red Hat release and an Oracle Linux release. Furthermore, if you want support for a production system, the exact same bits are supported via cost-effective premium support, which includes hard partitioning, live patching and many more benefits.

Oracle DOES NOT simply consume the Red Hat source code and make an alternative distribution. Oracle employs an army of engineers making a huge number of contributions to the core Linux source code, which the entire Linux community benefits from, including RedHat, Ubuntu, MySQL, Java, etc.

So if you haven't considered Oracle Linux as an alternative to CentOS in the past hopefully, this blog might make you re-think that!

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