Do you still have Oracle Database Standard Edition (DBSE) or Database Standard Edition One (DBSE1)?

Neil Baxter 27-Jul-2022 15:47:32

Have you, or are you planning to update from pre-Oracle-Database-Release-1 (v12.1.0.2)? What are the steps that you need to take to migrate to Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (DBSE2)?

It’s been nearly seven years since its release, but I still have a lot of customers asking if they need to migrate to Oracle Database Standard Edition 2, officially, once they migrate to and beyond Oracle Database 12c (you can find more Oracle database migration support here).

Oracle’s official line is that you should take these steps, but it’s not obvious how this is done and I’ve had some indications that this should be done by contacting Oracle Technical Support, raising a Ticket in Oracle’s My Oracle Support portal (MOS) or on other occasions, by contacting your Oracle Partner (DSP-Explorer) or your Oracle Representative.

The answer is as follows; to migrate from Oracle DBSE and/or DBSE1 to Oracle DBSE2 you just need to download and install Oracle DBSE2 and accept the terms & conditions, which you will be prompted to do, whilst going through this process.

There is no cost and no forms to fill in, for this migration, even if you’re on Oracle DBSE1. (There was a time when there was a small uplift cost if I remember correctly).

So, in summary, here is what you need to do, to complete your official migration to Oracle DBSE2:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud Portal here:
  2. Download the Oracle DBSE2 supported migration
  3. Accept the associated Oracle Terms & Conditions
  4. Run the installation



  • If you are currently running Oracle Database DBSE/DBSE1 on a four-way server, whether they are all populated or not, performing this migration and updating up to and beyond Oracle Database v12.1.0.2 will make you non-compliant with Oracle’s licensing terms.
  • For the same migration scenario, but where you are currently relying on a 5 Oracle NUP minimum per company, moving to Oracle DBSE2 / v12.1.0.2+ will invoke the new 10 Oracle NUP minimum per server i.e both (a) doubling the minimum, and (b) changing this from per-company to per-physical-server.


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