How to create an Oracle Database in 6 steps within Azure

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 12:43:41

Creating an Oracle Database on Windows Azure is really as simple as 6 easy steps and if you are already signed up it is basically 5! You can go from nothing to a fully functional Virtual Machine running the Oracle software of your choice in no time at all. here is how...

1. Create a Windows Azure account

If you don’t already have one, then this is an obvious step. You can sing-up for a free trial and try the features for free. Simply log in with your Microsoft account, fill in your details and payment information and you are signed up.

2. Build yourself a Virtual Machine

Now this step is very simple, after logging in go to the Azure Management Portal. The portal is a web-based experience that allows you to configure and manage all your Windows Azure services. From the menu at the bottom of the portal, select Compute > Virtual Machines > From Gallery.

3. Select which Oracle software you would like

In the gallery you will have a selection of preconfigured virtual machines. Select the appropriate Oracle software from the list, click the arrow and continue through the Virtual Machine creation

4. Configure your Machine

You can configure your new Virtual Machine by providing a name, selecting the size, and by providing a username and password. Don’t forget this as it will be important when you later connect to your machine. After providing your configuration settings, just click on the arrow to advance to the next step.

5. Select Mode

Now specify the DNS name that will be used to connect to your Virtual Machine, select your storage and data centre. Press the arrow to proceed to the next step in the wizard. Check the box to complete the virtual machine wizard.

6. Connect to your shiny new Machine

After a few minutes your machine will be provisioned and ready to use. When it is ready select it from the list connect with your username and password you provided earlier. Finally, you will be connected through remote desktop directly into your new virtual machine running the Oracle software you selected.

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