Getting the best out of your Oracle Database

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 12:42:04

Getting the best out of your Oracle Database

At DSP we often find that when we are with new customers for the first time we discover that they are suffering from poor database performance or application freezes and usually have concerns over their data backup and recovery. Quite interestingly a lot of our new customers are experiencing issues but aren’t aware of them until they have a sizeable business impact and some are just not aware of the full potential of their IT systems.

To get the most out of your system it is important to run a health check that will assess the performance, stability and availability of your Oracle based environment. A good health check will highlight any issues and potential problems, allowing them to be corrected before they occur or develop into a major incident that can have a real negative impact on your business.

Once a health check has been completed you can look at fixing all the issues, taking preventative measures and at tuning your environment, which will allow your business to focus on the following areas;

  • Saving you money – By fixing the issues around your Oracle database you will prevent business downtime during peak trading hours, whilst ensuring performance is optimised for your customers and their data is securely managed and maintained.
  • Making you money – Having a better performing and stable, secure and optimised environment will increase efficiency and can allow your team to focus on developing true business value.
  • Improving your processes – A health check will allow you align your Oracle investments to your business processes, helping you streamline your business making it more efficient.