Oracle 12c - “we’re all in it together”

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 14:11:51

Oracle 12c – “we’re all in it together”

Our Oracle Technology Practice Head has very kindly put together some key points about Oracle Database 12c. With 12c being the first of Oracle’s databases to be designed for the cloud, it really is one you should be considering a Oracle Database upgrade to, plus it comes with a host of benefits and new features .

The key feature, which really sets Oracle 12c apart, is the Oracle Multitenant. This delivers a new architecture that simplifies and delivers the high density of schema based consolidation, offers all the benefits of managing many databases as one, yet retains the isolation and resource control of separate databases.

A single Multitenant container database can host many ‘pluggable’ databases, which allows for easier consolidation. Each database consolidated or ‘plugged in’ to a Multitenant container has the same look and feel to applications as existing Oracle databases.

Oracle database 12c allows you to integrate hundreds of applications onto an Oracle RAC with absolute confidence when it comes to application separation.

Also accessing pluggable databases is exactly the same as for existing Oracle databases, allowing easy access and control plus administrators have the ability to control the prioritisation of available resources between each plugged in database.

Database management at this level can be a very effective way to help customers continue to get a high return on their Oracle database investments.

Oracle Database 12c has all the above plus many more great features including shared resources, improved server utilisation and significant power reduction.