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New Microsoft Azure SQL Server offering with Managed Instances

It is time to move your data to the cloud. Companies that moved their on-premises and hosted data to Azure can see real benefits and cost savings.

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Lift & Shift, Move and Improve, Lift & Extend - Golden Rule #1 Business First & Technology Second

Clearly the Cloud is here to stay and despite on-premises operations still going strong in some quarters and vertical markets, CTOs and CIOs are under increasing pressure to..

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The Demands Of A Consumer-Driven Retail Market

Today’s retail marketplace is driven by consumers who want everything on-demand. From browsing and researching the products they’re interested in, to purchasing and shipping; in..

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Oracle Database Versions – Difference between 11g, 12c and 18c

Oracle Database is still one of the world’s most popular, trusted database systems providing services for some of the largest companies. All the different versions provide a..

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Secure the Cloud: The Future of Cloud Computing & Security

In a digitally contemporary society, there’s been extensive conversations about cloud computing and cloud storage, like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Seen..

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Top 10 Cloud Myths

Unpredictably, Clouds are exposed to the risks of myths. According to David Mitchell Smith, Gartner Fellow and Vice President, myths prove to obstruct innovation and often..

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