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A Guide to MySQL HeatWave

In today's data-driven world, making real-time decisions is critical for success. However, traditional databases can struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing volume and..

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5 Reasons to Perform a MySQL Health Check

Imagine having a window into your MySQL database, a clear view of its performance and potential problems, that's the power of a MySQL Health Check.

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Thinking about migrating from MariaDB to MySQL HeatWave?

Here's what you need to know... Many companies choose the dynamic, industry-standard MySQL HeatWave database for its exceptional security, high performance and ease of use. But..

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Oracle's Critical Patch Update July 2022: What has changed?

Oracle release a Critical Patch Update once every quarter with a collection of patches for various security vulnerabilities. These are for both code and third-party component part..

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DSP Internship: A year in the life

At DSP we run multiple internship programmes across the business. Whether it's part of a University placement or for those wanting to gain valuable work experience, we provide..

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SQL Server 2012 End of Support: What are your options?

SQL Server 2012 will soon enter End of Support and Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to users. If you're currently using SQL Server 2012, now is the time to choose..

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