Oracle and Microsoft Partnership – A Match Made in Heaven

Vic Milne 06-Jun-2019 09:37:57

(Heaven is in the Clouds right) 

I was really excited to hear about the official partnership between Oracle and Azure.  I initially saw the announcement on Twitter but only later managed to get to read the full release.  The key links are at the bottom of this post.

Initially I thought this was going to be a networking peering exercise, but the details in the press release highlight it will be much more.  Here is what’s coming:

  • Unified Identity and Access Management
  • Supported Cross-Cloud Hybrid Deployments

Probably the most important thing this shows is a very real and clear direction of travel and intent to work collaboratively together; that’s great news for all Enterprises.  I don’t think I’ve even been to a client site which doesn’t have a mixture of Oracle and SQL Server workloads; or Oracle running on Windows.  In 99% of IT organisations there is pretty much always an Oracle and SQL footprint.

As the move to the Cloud continues for enterprises, the choice of Oracle or Azure is now no longer relevant; it’s both!  DSP-Explorer are an Oracle MSP and Azure CSP and over the next couple of months, as these capabilities become generally available, we look forward to demonstrating these new capabilities.

Here are some of the key links: