The Tortoise had a Point

Vic Milne 30-May-2019 10:09:56

We all know the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare – ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is an often-used mantra, and for good reason.  But how does it link with innovation in the fast-paced world of IT and database support?  As it turns out, very easily.

Late last year Linkedin released a series of videos investigating marketing concepts, one of which encouraged firms to make small, consistent changes within their marketing strategy rather than shooting for revolutionary, original concepts.

The logic went that customers rarely respond well to products that seem alien to them; instead, innovative upgrades of products that customers recognised and were used to, or new products that evoked old ideas, worked the best.  The customer had to be taken on a journey of subtle changes, not thrown in at the deep end.

You might be starting to cotton on to how this links to IT support.  When DSP-Explorer are asked to perform a service that ideally requires a move to the Cloud, especially by a company whose assets are predominantly or entirely on-prem, our advice is often met with hesitation.  Nervous breathing.  A short pause, followed by a polite suggestion that their company may be better suited to other options.

That’s why DSP-Explorer have developed our Oracle Bitesize plan - to break down the whole operation into manageable chunks.


So, the Bitesize steps...

1. Oracle Cloud orientation workshop

Star with a 1-day onsite workshop for you and your organisation. You will gain:

  • An overview of Oracle Cloud, its capabilities and how it differs from other Public Clouds
  • Opportunity to explore relevant use case scenarios
  • Support in making informed decisions about the use of Public Cloud technologies
  • Answers to your commercial and technical questions


2. Oracle Cloud Bitesize deployment as Proof of Value

To provide your business with Proof of Value, we will implement a 'bitesize' instance of Oracle Cloud for your organisation.

  • Set up your chosen Oracle Cloud Bitesize environment and configure the connectivity
  • Introduce your staff to the new environment
  • Demonstrate functionality and performance in a Cloud environment
  • Test various back-up and DR scenarios
  • First-hand experience of your chosen option working in the Cloud


3. Technical support and next steps to Oracle Cloud roadmap

Having deployed your bitesize instance of Oracle Cloud, we will work with you to ensure that you feel confident in your move to Cloud and prepared for your organisation’s next steps.

  • Access to support for your Bitesize instance, including raising support tickets
  • Exploration of the benefits of wider Cloud migration and total cost of ownership
  • Support in running scenarios through our Oracle Cloud Calculator and comparison to AWS
  • Support in developing a roadmap for your organisation’s Oracle Cloud strategy, including first move recommendations


It's as simple as that!  There’s no jumping in at the deep end and our specialists will walk you step-by-step along the journey to Oracle Cloud.  The tortoise would be proud.

Moving to the Cloud may SEEM like a huge undertaking, but here’s the thing – even if migrating to a Cloud platform is a necessary move for you, there’s every opportunity to start small.  A ‘subtle migration’ may sound like something of an oxymoron but it’s the way forward for on-prem clients and database service providers alike.

Even in the constantly evolving world of technology, in this instance, slow and steady consistently wins the race.  Head to our website to read more about our Oracle Cloud Bitesize plan or contact us at