OOW 2020 - London Calling: Think Strategy

Phil Brown 30-Jan-2020 15:47:48
One of the great things I’ve found with Oracle OpenWorld both here and in the US is that it can expand your technical horizons. The challenge that we all have is that we are in the ‘here and now’ and that requires a huge amount of focus.  Sometimes it can be valuable to step back and look at what’s going on. 

These sessions below each have ‘strategy’ in them in one form or another, which is a great way of taking a little time to reflect on just that.  See what’s happening and you never know – it might help you solve a problem or two…


Let’s begin by looking at three sessions: Middleware, Database and Infrastructure. I’ve put these together to mirror the classic three-tier architecture. Understanding what’s happening in these three arenas will start to give you a good grounding across a broad portfolio of Oracle technologies.

Cloud Platform and Middleware Strategy and Roadmap [SOL1194-LON]
Oracle Autonomous Database Strategy and Roadmap [SES1141-LON]
Cutting Edge Infrastructure Strategies for Cloud and On-Premise [SES1096-LON]


If these sessions cover the ‘core’ then it’s worth looking at integrations elements which can sit around these technology stacks.  API and Oracle Integration Cloud have been a bit of a moving feast, so it’s worth looking at both.

The Economic and Transformational Power of an Integrated API Fabric - Oracle’s New API Strategy [SES1152-LON]
Oracle Integration Strategy and Roadmap: Launch Your Digital Transformation [SES1150-LON]


If we boil down all this technology, at the end of the day it leads to data; data is key, data is king, data is value.  Most importantly you want to protect that data, so why not take a look at the following:

Protecting Business-Critical Data: Oracle Security Strategy and Roadmap [SOL1200-LON]


Visit the DSP-Explorer stand at Oracle OpenWorld 2020: London for more ideas around how employing innovative strategy and security can work wonders for your business, or to find the answers to any other Cloud curiosities.