Calling all ISVs - why partner up for your move to Public Cloud?

Vic Milne 20-Aug-2019 09:39:36

Top 5 reasons for an ISV to partner with DSP-Explorer when migrating to Public Cloud...


As ISVs have flourished over the last decade, their need to invest in Cloud-based infrastructure has increased dramatically. Here at DSP-Explorer we believe that a move to public cloud will help level the playing field between you, as an ISV, and the large vendors that you are competing against. In order to make your move to public cloud as streamlined as possible, DSP-Explorer will provide you with the support needed to underpin your business.

Looking to boost profits, expand your business, drive innovation and improve customer satisfaction? Here are 5 reasons why DSP-Explorer are the perfect partner for an ISV’s beneficial move to the public cloud.


1. We are partnered with two key solutions

We are trusted partners of both Microsoft, as an Azure CSP, and Oracle with our Oracle MSP status.

DSP helps you get more out of your Azure service with support from knowledgeable account managers, proactive monitoring and access to resources and best practices. A managed support service from DSP helps you plan the best Azure strategies – ensuring data reliability, data security and high availability.

Oracle has recognized us as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) meaning we have the capable skills, tools and processes to build, deploy, run, and manage workloads on Oracle Cloud Platform. Our close relationship with Oracle can give confidence to ISVs that we will provide them with the best possible service.


2. Free up your internal resources

The time that you spent managing technical resources and infrastructure can now be focused on driving key areas of your business such as application development.

With a move to public Cloud you’ll have the ability to enter new markets, accelerate time-to-market, and apply more resources to innovation. An investment in cloud is an investment in increased sales and customer retention.


3. We will ensure that you optimize your technology platforms

To guarantee that you get the lowest costs and best deals from software vendors, we deliver in-depth license management as part of our ISV service.  There are no hidden curve balls or costs; what you see is what you get.

Innovation is the key to success for ISVs. Partnering with DSP-Explorer will mean a higher budget for investment in innovation by reducing costs elsewhere.


4. You will experience operational efficiencies

Our customers will have peace of mind knowing that their applications are being hosted in the best possible environment. Technology support costs will no longer be on your radar, as we will have them covered.

We provide 24*7 support and continuous maintenance protect your database from issues.  Our pro-active alerting and monitoring will help to dramatically reduce your third-party costs.


5. Your customers will feel the benefits

You will instantaneously be able to update old products and lift and shift them into the cloud, as well as quickly access new Cloud-based products.  More rapid updates and product launches will inevitably lead to more satisfied customers.

Our focus on security also means that your customers’ sensitive data will be fully protected, and provide them with an avenue to access their data.