Oracle Open World 2019 Blog 2: Session Picks – Autonomous

Vic Milne 14-Aug-2019 12:48:49

OOW Session Picks:


It won’t be a surprise to know that Autonomous Database will be a main part of this year’s OOW.  We’re using Autonomous DB ourselves and have a keen interest in it (check out our ADWH page for more on what DSP-Explorer are doing).

Below are some of the key Autonomous sessions; there are 238 sessions which have Autonomous in the title (not all are autonomous DB) so there is a lot to choose from.  I’ve broken them down into two categories:


Technical Sessions: 

We’ve been hands-on with Autonomous and have found that it provides a new way of working with data and databases.  It’s still very technical, but in our eyes some of the monotonous elements have been removed (like patching – who really likes patching 🤷‍♂️).

Check out these sessions to learn more:

  • HOL4739 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • CON5059 Oracle Autonomous Database: Best Practices to Enhance Scalability and Performance
  • CON5230 Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Oracle Autonomous Databases in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • CON4733 Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse: How to Connect Your Tools and Applications
  • CON5656 The Changing Role of the DBA


Executive Sessions: 

One of the key drivers with Autonomous was to get more value out of your data and reduce the TCO of that data through automation.  Autonomous has been developed to assist with driving innovation through data.

Check out these sessions to learn more:

  • SOL2882 Solution Keynote: Autonomous Data Management
  • CAS2838 Santiveri Lifts and Shifts to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure/Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • CAS3515 Solving Industry Challenges Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • CON4565 Data-Driven to Insight-Driven Transformation by Oracle Autonomous Database
  • BUS4697 Build Next-Gen Apps Powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database

Check out our Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Bitesize scheme to see how DSP-Explorer could help you move your data into ADWH.