Oracle Open World 2019 Blog 3: Session Picks – Hands On Labs

Vic Milne 22-Aug-2019 10:50:53

OOW Session Picks:

Hands On Labs

Holla for HOLs! Hearing from the great and good at Open World about the technology is one thing, but having the opportunity to give it a road test is another.  OOW will provide a huge number of Hands on Labs across a whole range of technologies.

These sessions usual follow a tutorial and script which you can normally take away with you.  They are also normally run by Oracle Product Managers; this is great as they have deep insights into and an extensive knowledge of the products, and can field a wide variety of questions.


The Hands on Labs operate in a similar way to Oracle Demo Grounds at OOW, with product managers demonstrating the new features of each technology, but at HoLs they are also available (I guess unofficially) to answer the odd additional question or two on a related subject.

I also noticed that Oracle is this year doing drop in HOLs. This means if you’re pushed for time or missed the pre-registration there is still an option to get moving, so there’s no excuse to miss out!

So here are some HOLs which may be worth checking out. A word of warning, these get booked up EARLY so you may want to get clicking…now!


Oracle Autonomous Database

HOL4650 Building Microservices Using Oracle Autonomous Database
HOL4654 Low-Code Development with Oracle Application Express and Oracle Autonomous Database
HOL4721 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Machine Learning


Oracle Management Cloud

HOL5261 Diagnose Issues from End User to Database with Oracle Management Cloud
HOL5262 Monitor and Diagnose Your Oracle E-Business Suite Applications
HOL5260 Log Analytics for Troubleshooting & Root-Cause Analysis of Databases & Apps


Oracle Database

HOL4720 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Multitenant
HOL3390 Hands-on Lab: Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c with the New AutoUpgrade Feature
HOL4994 Migrate Databases into Oracle Cloud with Oracle Database Migration Service