Oracle Open World 2019 Blog 1: Session Picks – Great Speakers

Vic Milne 06-Aug-2019 09:27:49

OOW Session Picks:

Great Speakers

In this series of Oracle Open World blogs we are going to pick out some sessions that are worth attending, either because the tech is interesting, the subject is fascinating, or in this case we just really like hearing the speakers…err…speak.

Now this is not to say their topics are dull – far from it – but for all the times I’ve been to OOW I’ve always caught one or two of these speakers.  (There are literally hundreds of great speakers but what can you do 🤷‍♂️ We’re writing a blog post, not an encyclopaedia.)  So here are our picks!


Courtney Llamas and David Wolf

If you’re interested in managing stuff, be it security, databases or Cloud, then these sessions are worth a listen. Both are set to cover the Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud products which between them provide every capability you would ever need to manage – and not just within Oracle technology, but any technology.

Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud have unique sets of rich capabilities and, having done a fair bit of work with both products, I’m sure that you would get something from every one of these sessions; and that’s probably just scratching the surface.

CON5173 Top Five Things You Should Be Doing in Oracle Enterprise Manager

CON5171 How to Troubleshoot Databases and Exadata Using Oracle Log Analytics Cloud

PAN 5174 Panel: Oracle Enterprise Manager Best Practices That Customers Actually Follow

CON5118 Control Configuration Drift with Oracle Enterprise Manager

CON5116 Automate STIG, CIS, and Custom Oracle Database Security Standards


Dom Giles

Master Product Manager for the Oracle Database: interestingly enough the details of this session in the catalogue are quite light which suggests there could be some really interesting announcements to come.  We’ve been doing a fair bit of work with Autonomous Database so it should be exciting to hear what’s next.  Oracle have been providing consistent innovation in data management from multi-tenant to in-memory to autonomous and more.

CON4803 Oracle Database: What's New and What's Coming Next


Jeff Smith

In previous OOW I’ve caught Jeff’s sessions on SQL Developer and also had the pleasure of taking part in the OOW bridge run which he previously organised.  Jeff is the owner (maybe joint owner) of SQL Developer and a massive advocate of the technology; he’s very active on social media.  He is marked down for three sessions one of which is an HOL (Hands on Lab).

DEV3232 Extending Liquibase for Oracle Database
DEV3227 SQL Developer Tips and Tricks
HOL4652 RESTful Services with Oracle REST Data Services and Oracle Autonomous Database