What does 'Modernising' mean for you?

Vic Milne 20-Feb-2019 11:14:38

Everything you need to know about Cloud providers' favourite buzzword.

DSP-Explorer’s poll at Oracle OpenWorld found that modernisation was a compelling reason for organisations to consider migrating to Public Cloud.  We narrowed down the appeal for Modernising to three main factors: saving money, saving time, and increasing efficiency with the help of qualified Oracle Cloud consultants.


Why modernise?

Although moving your applications and databases to Cloud may seem expensive, it can be cheaper than you realise.  It isn’t necessary to move everything at once – our Oracle Cloud Bitesize package explains how you can begin your migration one step at a time, starting with moving non-critical applications, to test the Public Cloud waters.  It’s your opportunity to part with expensive on-premise equipment that requires time-consuming and costly maintenance.

Oracle Cloud also offers flexible IaaS and PaaS pricing models that mean you only pay for the applications that you use, rather than paying for an entire on-prem environment when you only use 40% of its features (for more on this, watch Phil Brown’s presentation on Oracle Cloud consumption models and costs).  Sounds good? We think so too.


Think better, not bigger.

The key to modernising your data platform is concentrating on how your organisation can become more efficient, rather than necessarily growing your estate.  Think better, not bigger.  Databases become cluttered; applications become outdated and infrequently used; companies often grow and gain in complexity rather than becoming more agile, efficient and flexible.

To combat this, modernisation plans will identify these inefficient areas and re-host, re-platform, and rearchitect them for your benefit.  Done correctly, migrating to Public Cloud can be the first step towards a much simpler estate.

Using a major Cloud provider like Oracle also means that expert advice on your environment is never difficult to reach.  You can maintain control over the relevant parts of your systems through hybrid Cloud plans AND gain the advantages of having reliable, reachable experts to remotely monitor and upgrade your estate.


Use the experts

Introducing an Oracle Consultancy specialist can also prove invaluable to any modernisation process.  Database management service providers can objectively identify where your system can be modernised to the greatest effect, and continually ensure that your platform is updated and healthy, while freeing up your own IT department to spend more time innovating business processes and revenue streams.

By modernising with Oracle Cloud you could spend less on expensive hardware, save time by streamlining workloads, and save costs with specialist Cloud providers and consultants: take the first steps to simplify your data platform for a more user-friendly and cost-effective environment.

Click here to learn more about modernising by migrating to Oracle Cloud, or contact DSP-Explorer via our website for more information.