Data Visualisation – Oracle Analytics at the IaaS PaaS Forum

IaaS and PaaS Forum – Oracle Analytics

There is something about data visualisations that I find fully engaging; I’m not sure why, they just are.  That’s one of the reasons I like a lot of the Oracle Management Cloud capabilities, as it drives that visualisation of data.

DSP attended the Oracle IaaS and PaaS Partner Community Forum in Rome two weeks ago, and one of the many interesting topics I drew from the forum was the news surrounding Oracle Analytics Cloud, OACs for short.

I thought I would drop out this blog post as a bit of a round-up of the things that have been happening and some interesting customer stories that I didn’t know about prior to the forum.


Gartner Analytics Bake Off

Oracle received very positive feedback from their submission for the Gartner Analytics Bake Off; if you’re interested in the demos which was submitted check the two links below:  Analytics Demos  Behind the Scenes Video


Udemy Analytics Course Free

If you’re interested in understanding more around the Oracle Analytics Augmented Analytics capabilities then check out the course below…it’s F R E E!


Oracle Analytics Big Data Customer Success Stories

There quite a few out there but here some of the more interesting ones:


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